God’s own country. Or a heaven on earth. Place full of mountains, greenery and streams, Oh Kerala! God create you with utmost care.

Rekha Menon


Kerala, the state in Southern India called ”Gods Own Country” is a tropical paradise of waving palms and wide sandy beaches. A narrow strip of coastal territory that slopes down the Western Ghats in a cascade of lush green vegetation and reaches to the Arabian sea.

Popular for its backwaters, mountains, coconuts, spices and art forms such as Kathakali and Mohini Attam. Each community in Kerala has its own unique Malayali culture. The Buddhist influence brought Ayurveda into a prominent position as well as Kalaripayattu (Kerala’s traditional martial art).

Kerala has been blessed with spices and are an integral part of Kerala cuisine. The cuisines cater to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Kerala food is traditionally served on a clean green banana leaf and eaten with hand. Grated coconut shavings and coconut milk are commonly used in dishes for thickening and flavouring. The long coastline, numerous rivers and inland tributaries have contributed to the obsession for seafood among Keralites. Rice is a staple dish and is eaten with all sorts of gravies and curried accompaniments.